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About Probiotic Holdings

Probiotic Holdings operates as an institutional developer of probiotic and biochemical technology applications. The firm strives to identify and develop technologies that can be commercialized with the assistance of capital partners and strategic industry players seeking to complement their current research and product development programs. CEO Matt Wood founded Probiotic Holdings in 2004. Probiotic Holdings has a wholly-owned subsidiary operating company, SCD Probiotics®, which Matt founded in 1998. SCD invested in the research and development of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics and the biochemicals they produce, while pursuing a mission to deliver products “harnessing nature’s ability to restore personal health & the environment™.” Recognizing the power of beneficial microbes to transform the microbial ecology in any number of environments, SCD’s technical team improved product formulations and provided additional value and benefits applicable to a variety of industries around the world.

Technical achievements resulted in new product offerings, including SCD Probiotics’ Mother Culture concentrate, ProBio Balance™ Original. Further advances included a Mother Culture concentrate with enhanced levels of phototrophic, purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB), ProBio Balance™ Plus, and the first ever Mother Culture for human consumption based on effective microorganism-applied science, SCD Essential Probiotics®.