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About Us

Driven by the pursuit of safe, sustainable, and realistic solutions to mankind’s chemical problems, Probiotic Holdings develops bio-based products that balance and enhance human, animal, plant, and environmental health.

Our proprietary and agile technology platform empowers us to put beneficial microorganisms to work across a vast range of environments, improving human health by targeting all biomes that touch it.

Our probiotics shift the health of systems from food to personal care to a state of balance and absence of disease. Our non-toxic, biodegradable biochemicals replace synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals used everywhere from leather processing and agriculture to household cleaning. Through strategic capital and industry partnerships, we have developed a proven path to commercialization, enabling us to lead the way in delivering non-toxic and cost-effective bio-based products for agriculture, industrial, and consumer use.

Probiotic Holdings was founded in 2004, to further advance and develop the breakthrough technology patented by SCD Probiotics. SCD Probiotics, now a a wholly-owned subsidiary operating company of Probiotic Holdings, has invested in the research and development of beneficial bacteria (“probiotics”) and the biochemicals they produce since 1998, when it was founded by CEO Matt Wood as a student of soil science at the University of Missouri.

Global Manufacturing and R&D Capabilities

8,000 Tons


2100 sq. m

Total laboratory space for both Microbiology and Chemistry—1100 sq. m in the US and 1000 sq. m in Poland.

13 Scientists

Scientist (7 in the U.S. and 6 in Poland, the ITM)

Markets Served

Agriculture probiotic holdings



Consumer Packaged Goods