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Disruptive Technology Platform

We tend to think of bacteria as harmful, disease-causing organisms. Over the last 120 years, science has uncovered the reality that every living system — from plants to animals to people — is covered by trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast and fungi. Most are either neutral or beneficial. They are also essential.

Beneficial microbes have potential applications to help balance not only the health of people, but also of animals, plants, and the environment. The biochemicals derived from fermentation are non-toxic and cost-effective replacements for petroleum-based chemicals, used from leather processing to household cleaning.

Probiotic Holdings explores innovative and creative technologies that put these microorganisms and their fermented derivatives to work in agriculture, livestock and animal health, bioremediation, and industrial and chemical processes.

An Agile, Living Technology Platform

With more than 20 years of dedicated research and development through our subsidiary SCD Probiotics, Probiotic Holdings has pioneered an innovative and agile biological technology platform.

We manufacture our biochemicals through a proprietary method of fermentation, during which we combine multiple microbial strains. Grown together, these microbes form a small ecosystem. This approach is unique, as most companies grow separate microbial strains in isolation only combining them upon packaging.

Our patented consortia approach not only results in stronger, more resilient microorganisms, but it also enables a flexible platform for creating new products that are:

icon probiotic holdings bio based

Safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable

icon probiotic holdings sustainable

Highly sustainable with minimal environmental impact

icon probiotic holdings agile

Highly tunable for new applications

Picon probiotic holdings cost effective

Cost effective against competitive products

icon probiotic holdings shelf stable

Shelf-stable with a wide temperature and pH range for better storage and transport

How It Works

Our technology platform doesn’t simply create high-quality probiotics for human consumption. Our growth method also creates secondary and fermentative derivative products — including uniquely effective biochemicals.

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