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Our beneficial microbes are grown using our proprietary fermentation technology. These microbes are a synergistic community of multiple species and strains living in syntrophy — a special kind of symbiosis where a variety of byproducts called metabolites helps other species in the group live and thrive. Some of these metabolites are powerful bio-surfactants with many beneficial properties.

This also is an example of biology in action:

Metabolism is a series of life-sustaining biochemical reactions performed in all organisms, even our tiny microbes. From humans to bacteria, metabolism is our way of converting food into energy to function, grow, and survive.

Metabolites are multipurpose products of metabolism. Microbes use these metabolites for a wide variety of functions to enable survival such as building defensive barriers.

Our fermentation technology produces surfactant properties. Surfactants are chemical compounds that work by lowering surface tensions, allowing dissimilar materials (think oil and water) to co-exist.

Surfactants are used everywhere, from everyday detergents to agricultural adjuvants. They have many uses but are perhaps best known as the substances that enable dirt and grime to be washed away by water.

Right now most surfactants are petrochemicals or plant-based. Petroleum and monocrop palm oil plantations are unsustainable extraction methods. Many have been banned and some are known to be toxic to human, animals, and the environment.

Our fully biodegradable, bio-based surfactants represent a non-toxic, cost-effective replacement for petrochemical and plant-based surfactants in industries from leather cleaning to home cleaning.