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Dr. Daoxin Li, Director of Microbiology

Dr. Daoxin Li is the Director of Microbiology for Probiotic Holdings. He has more than 20 years of experience in academic research and lab management. He received his PhD in plant pathology/fungal molecular biology from the University of Kentucky. During these studies, he successfully cloned the fungal gene encoding the protein that counters against an antifungal compound in the plant, thus causing infections. He continued his research at Ohio State University and investigated “Early Molecular Events in Plant-Fungus Interactions” to delineate the pathway by which plant host signals trigger gene expression and transcriptional regulation in fungus.

His corroborative research resulted in 13 peer-reviewed publications in internationally recognized scientific journals. He was a co-principal investigator of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. Subsequently, he joined EMSL Analytical as microbiology lab manager and later as lab director, where he profitably managed an ISO 17025-accredited microbiology lab and a branch lab for more than 10 years. Most recently, he worked on the air sampling method and detection of live Legionella spp., resulting in the submission of six provisional patent applications (PPA) to USPTO.