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Probiotic Holdings Companies

SCD Probiotics®

SCD Probiotics (“SCD”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Probiotic Holdings. SCD holds the intellectual property and manufacturing assets that are used to develop and market probiotic and biochemical applications. SCD has developed a network of global manufacturers and distributors for both its base Mother Culture and its finished products. Recognizing the power of beneficial microbes to transform the microbial ecology in any number of environments, SCD’s technical team improved product formulations and provided additional value and benefits applicable to a variety of industries around the world.

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Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™

Proviera supplies sustainable biochemicals to the leather tannery industry. The technology used by Proviera was jointly developed by SCD and a member of its licensee network, Proklean Technologies. After completing several successful trials with leading global tanneries, SCD raised capital and launched Proviera as a spinoff company. Proviera then conducted a limited auction process to identify and select a global partner to further commercialize its leather tannery product portfolio. This process resulted in the January 2016 signing of a strategic partnership with Stahl Holdings, the market leader in the global leather chemicals market.

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As the Agriculture Business Unit of SCD Probiotics, Biojuvant creates innovative, microbial-based products that empower farmers, ranchers, and growers to manage their farms both for profit and sustainability. Their technologies enhance soil, animal, and plant health, improve quality, yields, and feed conversions, and reduce reliance on costly chemicals and antibiotics.

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Counter Cultures®

Most cleaning products contain chemical detergents or toxic chemicals that kill all bacteria, whether harmful or healthy. Counter Culture fights back against the status quo to wipe out 99.9% of all bacteria with safe, 100% natural cleaners that work with beneficial bacteria, not against them. Millions of beneficial bacteria and the bio-detergents they create contribute to a healthy microbial balance and clean like nature intended. Their probiotic cleaning products clean surfaces, eliminate odors, and work to balance the bacteria in homes—all with fresh, natural scents.

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Active Licensees and Partners

Through our strategic technology partnerships and licensee network, companies across the globe have joined our quest to impact human and environmental health through the power of probiotics.


Stahl is partnered with Proviera®, an SCD Probiotics affiliate company, to create a better future in leather production using sustainable, probiotic-derived technology. In 2016, Stahl obtained the exclusive rights to distribute Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™ to their clients across the globe.

As the leading company in process chemicals for leather products, performance coatings, and Polymers, Stahl offers a wide range of solutions to the automotive, apparel and accessories, home furnishing, leisure and lifestyle industry, and for industrial applications. With its innovation power, expertise, and range of technical solutions Stahl is able to deliver best-in-class solutions and services to respond even better to client needs and secure a more sustainable future. They believe that by stimulating cooperation in the supply chain, sustainability evolves as a positive consequence.

As the industry market leader in chemicals, Stahl is committed to innovation and sustainability in leather production. This starts in the beginning of the leather supply chain: in the beamhouse.

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Probiotics Polska

Licensed to Develop Secondary Products
SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2009
Company Based in: Brudzew, Konin, Poland
Founded in: 2005

Markets: Agriculture, Livestock Feed and Additive Health, Human Health and Nutrition, Home Lawn and Garden, Companion Animal Health, Personal Consumer Care, Industrial Waste and Water Remediation

Distribution: Poland and other European countries

Probiotics Polska is a family-owned company founded as part of a larger mission to advance probiotics technology and the use of natural, raw materials, products, and technologies. They initiated the socio-economic movement, Healthy Earth, to limit the use of synthetic substances that are destructive to the health of both the environment and humankind.

In 2009, Probiotics Polska became the first European SCD Probiotics licensee.

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Proklean Technologies

Licensed to Develop Secondary Products
SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2012
Company Based in: Chennai, India
Founded in: 2009

Markets: Textiles, Hospitality, Waste Management, Paper

Distribution: India

Proklean Technologies develops probiotics-based alternatives to chemical surfactants used in various industries, with a special focus on textiles, paper, hospitality, and waste management. Proklean Technologies is a key partner of Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™.

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Greenman Ltd.

Licensed to Develop Secondary Products
SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2009
Company Based in: Veszprém, Hungary
Founded in: 2010

Markets: Human Health and Nutrition, Agriculture, Livestock Feed and Additive Health, Home Lawn and Garden, Companion Animal, and Industrial Waste and Water Remediation

Distribution: Hungary, Austria

Greenman Ltd.’s goal is to increase environmental awareness in European society, emphasizing the promotion of sustainable development and the importance of individual responsibility as a starting point for positive change. They produce probiotic products using SCD Probiotic Technology for both industry and private households, creating natural, environmentally-safe solutions to many problems previously either unsolvable or only solvable through costly chemicals.  Application specialties include liquid manure treatment, feed conservation and silage making, composting, and probiotic products for bees health and horse health.

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Rallis India

SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2017
Company Based in: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Founded in: 1851

Markets: Livestock Feed and Additive Health, Animal Health

Distribution: Rallis India has exclusive rights to distribute SCD Probiotic’s BioAH line of animal health products in India

Rallis India, a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, has more than 160 years of experience servicing rural markets, and a comprehensive portfolio of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and plant nutrients for Indian farmers. Rallis is known for its deep understanding of Indian agriculture, for their sustained contact with farmers, quality agrochemicals, branding and marketing expertise, and strong product portfolio. The company has more than 2,300 distributors that reach over 40,000 retailers across India, covering more than 80 percent of the country’s districts and providing agricultural solutions to more than 5 million farmers.

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SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2009
Company Based in: Bogotá, Colombia
Founded in: 2007

Markets: Livestock Feed and Additive Health, Agriculture, and Waste Management

Distribution: Colombia

Ibicol offers biological alternatives for agricultural and livestock production, as well as organic composting services. The company supplies a variety of different technologies, tested around the world, and continuously performs their own in vitro experiments, as well as field tests on crops native to Colombia.

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Global Saúde

Licensed to Develop Secondary Products
SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2015
Company Based in: Brazil
Founded in: 2007

Markets: Livestock Feed and Additive Health, Agriculture, Domestic Animal Health, Industrial Waste Treatment

Distribution: Brazil

Global Saúde  Brasil strives to be an agent for change through the application of biotechnology in South America. Their mission is to bring health of mind, body, and spirit to Brazil, inspire moments of optimism, and create value and make a difference, wherever they are and in everything they do.

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Efficient Microbes

Licensed to Develop Secondary Products
SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2010
Company Based in: Durban, South Africa
Founded in: 2006

Markets: Human Health and Nutrition, Agriculture, Livestock and Additive Health, and Industrial Waste and Water Remediation

Distribution: Southern Africa

Efficient Microbes South Africa is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of 100% natural microbial products for a wide range of industries, including human health, agriculture, livestock, and environmental sustainability. They’re proud to offer natural alternatives to many of the harsh chemicals and medicines used in our everyday lives.

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Probiotics Pty

Licensed to Develop Secondary Products
SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2011
Company Based in: Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
Founded in: 2007

Markets: Agriculture, Livestock Feed and Additive Health, Personal Consumer Care, Industrial Waste and Water Remediation

Distribution: Australia

Probiotics Pty is a boutique, Australian family company looking to bring the safest, most natural and cost-effective solutions available to agricultural, environmental, and animal health issues in Australia. They partner with Australian farmers and their advisors to deliver tailored solutions with a positive impact on the environment. Probiotics Pty products are Australia Organics-certified.

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SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2016
Company Based in: Korea
Founded in: 1953

Markets: Agriculture

Distribution: FarmHannong has the rights to distribute SCD Probiotic’s livestock odor control product, SCD OdorAway™ in South Korea.

Fuoviders Co,, Ltd. has been working with agro-livestock farmers for over 20 years to develop Korean agro-livestock system and improve its competitiveness.

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Licensed to Develop Secondary Products
SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2009
Company Based in: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
Founded in:

Markets: Agriculture, Livestock Feed and Additive Health

MES Probiotics

SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2013
Company Based in: Spain
Founded in: 2013

Markets: Agriculture, Livestock Feed and Additive Health, Human Health and Nutrition

Distribution: MES Probiotics is the exclusive distributor of SCD Probiotics products in Spain

MESProbiotics was founded in 2013 by a group of livestock and agriculture industry professionals to offer SCD Probiotics technology to the Spanish market. Their goal is to increase the environmental impact of their products by bringing the potential of living microorganisms to agriculture, farming, health, and the natural environment. They are proud to contribute to the health of our planet and its inhabitants through all-natural, biodegradable products that are suitable for organic agriculture, farming, natural environment, and human health.

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Center of Effective Technologies

SCD Probiotics Partner Since: 2014
Company Based in: Ukraine
Founded in:

Markets: Agriculture, Soil and Crop Health, Livestock Feed, Beekeeping, Bioremediation

Distribution: Ukraine

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